The Hollow City

The Hollow City was originally a stockade for exploration into the wilderness. Nestled deep within a thick forest, it contained little but food, shelter, and protection for passing travelers. A few humble merchants took quarter within the walls of the stockade. One of these merchants became known through the land for his impeccable craftsmanship of armor and weaponry that saved the lives of many an adventurer. Using what were previously thought to be decorative gems and crystals he fashioned powerful magic items. The Hollow City became known as a refuge of innovation, free thinking, and the advancement of civilization.

Quickly the city’s expanded as would be entrepreneurs and genuine pioneers alike flowed towards its inadequate walls. The surrounding forest was quickly consumed in the expansion of the city. Being very dangerous, the people of The Hollow City were afraid to enter the woods without protection. As a result the Hollow City grew vertically, piercing the sky using never seen before materials.

The Hollow City became the second largest city on the continent in just under 100 years. A marvelous icon of civilized achievement, it peaked at around 100,000 denizens. It was not without its problems however. With such massive growth came a deep criminal underbelly. From black markets to humanoid trafficking to horrendous magic experiments and disasters, The Hollow City was an easy place for troublemakers to get lost or make a new life without even having to leave the city.

Growth slowed with the everyday struggle between law and crime. People began to leave the city for more peaceful locations. Then 400 years after the Hollow City’s inception, “The Collapse” happened (often referred to as “the collapse of the city”, or “when the Hollow City collapsed”). Almost dead center to the city one of the largest spires sank several hundred feet into the ground, creating a pit that grew and swallowed several blocks of buildings. Tens of thousands died in The Collapse.

Soon after Duergar, Dark Elves, and monsters began to be seen within the city on a regular basis. It was quickly discovered that underneath the city were many layers of tunnels & rooms. It seemed that while some built upwards, others built downwards. Those that built downward kept hidden the Underdark they discovered and subsequently plundered for riches. Tunnels built by those from above, and those that dwell below were crushed and broken in The Collapse. At first representatives from the Hollow City tried to negotiate with the Duerger and Dark Elves, but they were inconsolable to their own loss. The Underdark’s warriors raided the city often for riches, prestige, and revenge. Monsters released from the Underdark also took their toll, hunting people in the alleyways of the Hollow City.

Now the city is mostly silent, except for those with the greatest of endurance that remain, living in its outer ring.

The Hollow City

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