The Hollow City

Cutting a Path to the Dock

After returning from the Wey house, the adventurers set off almost immediately to clear a path to the docks. Crius warns them that the Bandit leader carries an ornate necklace which he is famous for. Crius suggests relinquishing him of this bauble could hurt his reputation and help scatter the bandits. He also requests the adventurers deliver a cart of goods to the docks to help form a friendship with them. Stopping for the night in the warehouse district, they are greeted by Rabbit, and a present-a satchel with some healing potions in it. Rabbit also warns him of some monsters encountered along the road. Apparently green hulking humanoids reputedly searching for a lost item belonging to their master. After a nights rest, they set off again towards the docks.

Around mid day Theon accidently triggers a bear trap. Moments after setting the trap the party is assaulted by bandits. Theon struggles to remove the trap while Hafekk covers him. After a minute or so of fighting bandit archers and skirmishers, the wagon is beset by bullywugs-humanoid frog-men from the Sunken Wastes. Galad fights them toe to toe while the rest of the party continues the bandit fight.

A roar echoes through the ruins as the bandit leader, a stout dwarf charges into the fray, reigning blow after blow. His wild attacks separate the group temporarily and he gives chase to Theon. Theon circles the ruins leading him back to Galad who is fighting bandits and bullywugs alike. Fortunately for Galad bullywugs cannot discern between them and bandits, and attack both. Galad uses this opportunity to intercept the bandit leader, using the help of his friends to finish him off.

The bandits scatter as Theon scoops up the bloody necklace. The victory is short lived as a large, armored bullywug scales the side of the cliffs shouting commands to his bodyguards. With great alacrity Theon realizes the necklace belongs to the bullywug chieftain. He attempts to offer it to the chieftain who misinterprets his body language as a gloat.

Theon fends of several blows from the chieftain and his guards as Coro intervenes, calming the chieftain using an obscure gesture of negotiation he learned years ago in his father’s library. Theon again attempts to return the chieftains necklace, this time successfully. The bullywugs retreat to the wastes, and leave the party to continue onward to their destination.

When they get to the docks, Dockmaster Agby Digas is overjoyed to have found allies. He accepts the gifts and throws an impromptu celebration at the battered in that serves as their mayor’s office. Coro asks Agby about sailing across the sea, to which the regrettable answer is all the ships have gone or sunk. However, Agby knows one old sailor who may be able to restore a boat for them. The next day the party sets off to meet Talfen Cuttlescar the hermit.

After a warm introduction by Agby, Talfen tells the party to get the boat repaired, he would need a few months time, a dozen assistants, and lumber. With that he laughs at the amount of gold it would require to do such a thing. After a quick discussion the party empties their coffers to pay laborers from the docks, and purchase materials from House Argil. Talfen is amazed, and almost moved to tears at the prospect of sailing the seas again. He quickly adds that to do this, they must allow him to travel with them, to keep up the boat of course. The party agrees, and begins their travel back to House Argil.


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