The Hollow City

The First Foray

After 6 months of boot camp, our heroes (Coro a human bard, Hafekk the half-orc monk, and Theon the human rogue) are recruited by Captain Matteo of The Doomed Squad. Their first mission is a scouting mission into the Underdark. After navigating treacherous terrain, the party encounter enormous dire rats. Hafekk became infected by their disease, but was able to fight it off with the assistance of Refault’s healing.

Deeper in the cave the party encountered carved rooms feature Drow architecture. They happened upon some dark creepers attempting to repair some of the defenses that were left behind long ago, a pair of ballistae. After defeating the dark creepers the party turned the defenses on a pack of Drow waiting in ambush for them. After a harrowing fight in which Hafekk nearly died, the party continued upward into a wide hall.

The wide hall was ancient and damaged, and several times Coro had to regain his footing after a fall. However, the party never alerted the pack of giant bats waiting in the darkness above.

Beyond the high hall, the party discovered the tomb of Olanon Dawntracker, a deceased drow. After figuring out a puzzle they were rewarded with Olanon’s sword. Unfortunately they were also discovered by a duergar scouting party.

At first the fight went really well. Hafekk laid into the dark dwarves with a fury. Then Gulgar, the duergar giant came, laying low Captain Matteo. The party fled back to the surface with Gulgar in pursuit.

When the heroes returned to House Argil Refault, the only remaining veteran member of The Doomed Squad resigned, giving the banner to Coro.

The party is given a selection of choice missions by Crius, House Argil’s taskmaster. They choose to put down a rebellion in the Warehouse District.


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