Elrohem Wey

The ward son of Sankas Wey


A small, thin eldarin child around 15 years of age, with pale skin and nearly as pale hair. He moves like a ghost and searches eagerly with bright green eyes.


Always wandering off and exploring the neighborhood, one day Elrohem was found missing at dinner time. Having been captured by wildmen to be eaten Elrohem used a serendipitous goblin raid to escape his captors only to be set upon by the goblins themselves.

Elrohem was discovered emaciated and bound in a lumber mill a captive of goblins. He was returned to his father by the heroes, who were given a very grateful, teary-eyed greeting, and a heavy pouch of coins.

Elrohem rested after a night of celebration with the adventurers that saved him. He rested for a long time, hoping each day his legs would be strong enough to carry him. At a very young and restless age Elrohem finally discovered where his feet were taking him.

Elrohem Wey

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