Sankas Wey

Father of Elrohem


Sankas is tall, well built, has tanned skin and deep yellow hair and a thick beard. His piercing blue eyes switch quickly from warmth to coldness. Sankas usually wears a stern face, but laughs easily.


After the collapse Sankas’ grandfather rallied the neighborhood in an effort to create a haven for those remaining in the city. His own father was killed by monsters, leaving him to the care of his grandfather. Following his father’s footsteps Sankas continued to look out for those around him.

His neighborhood dwindled until only 3 or 4 families were left. They decided to fix up the homes on either side of theirs and create a small demesne. Sankas’ home is filled with several of his own children, and almost a dozen orphans or children of his neighbors.

Recently his favorite ward Elrohem went missing. Although not entirely surprised, Sankas was furious with himself for ever encouraging the youth. Sankas was relieved to have the boy returned a week later by some adventurers who found Elrohem captured by goblins.

Sankas Wey

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